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Whether it's a renewable energy project or your new business idea that is "ready for market", we treat your project with the highest priority from the outset and work with you to develop a strategy and find the right investors for each individual one of it to make your projects a commercial success.

We believe that we can add value because we really understand our clients' business, the markets, and the key drivers. With renewable energy projects, we usually get involved either at an early stage of the development process for "Greenfield" projects or at a later stage, as soon as a project is "Ready-to-Build" (RTB), to ensure that the required capital will be provided by the respective investors as quickly as possible. In the case of startup companies, we generally become active as soon as a successful "proof of concept" and initial sales or contracts with customers are demonstrable.

In addition, we broker high-quality "off-market" commercial properties in Europe of various asset classes to UHNWIs and institutional investors.

What we do

Tinia Capital Partners is an independent specialized investor intermediation boutique, focused mainly on cleantech and renewable energy projects and startup companies.

We work with project developers and management teams, typically at late stages in the development of renewable energy assets once they are "Ready-to-Build" (RTB) but also at an early stage for "Greenfield"/"Brownfield" projects, and assist in finding investors as well as brokering the sale of the assets to institutional investors once they have completed their respective investment cycle.

When it comes to startup companies, we work very closely with the founders to determine their exact situation and financial needs in order to select the ideal investors.

Tinia Capital Partners maximizes the returns of renewable energy projects and ensures the financial backing for promising startup companies by sourcing the right investor for each project.

And since we love commercial real estate as much as renewable energy or new business ideas, our other specialty is brokering prime "off-market" properties of various asset classes such as logistics hubs, data centers, hotels, etc.


Our approach is director-led and our advice is professional, independent, and confidential.


Quality is at the forefront of everything we do!


Tinia Capital Partners - FZCO

IFZA Business Park | DDP

PO Box 342001

Dubai | United Arab Emirates

Thank you for your inquiry!

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